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Enter our raffle to win a $36,000.
Wyland oil painting!
 (Details p. 4)

Do what many Green Bay Packers fans do!
Be a part-owner by buying common stock in the league.
Buy and give them as the perfect gift for any occassion!
(Read all information carefully before purchasing.)
(Details p. 4)

Congrats to NBC Sports for hosting the Super Bowl.

All Games 8pm: Tues., Thurs., Sat. & Sun.

Win Prizes! 7 - 7:30pm Fan Jam - Fans Free Throw Shooting Contests
Four games Home, then four Away - 68 games with 34 special events

Same 2 teams play two games in a row; Tues & Thurs. or Sat. & Sun.
Each week 2 new teams arrive to play the home team.

Monday, April 3rdNCAA Championship Game, New Orleans

Early April - end of NBA's D-League season
Sunday, April 8thTJ’s NBO Draft Day

Sat. & Sun. 4/14 & 15: Fantasy Camps: Come & Play with the Big Dogs;
All Teams: Three Sessions each day: Pre-teens - boys & girls 10am – noon;
Teens - boys & girls 1– 3pm;
Men & women  5 - 7pm  Sign up early!
Monday, April 16th – Training camp begins

Sat. 4/21,  Sun, 4/22, Tues. 4/24 & Thurs. 4/26:  Four Pre-Season games

Sat. April 28th: First Games: 1st Sat. All Teams; Half Home & Half Away

Sun. April 29th – 1st Sunday

Tuesday, May 1st, May Day – May Poles, games & fun

Thurs. May 5th, 5/5 - Cinco de Mayo – Costume contests & Special B'day

Sun. May 13th, Mother’s Day

Sat., May 19th Armed Forces Day
Sat. – Mon. May 28th, Memorial Day Weekend, Games at Military sites, like in
San Diego by college teams on the aircraft carrier on Veterans Day, 2011
        All June - Graduation, Anniversary & Wedding Parties

                    Make your wedding extra special;
                        do it at half-time at a game.
                Or, at our All-Star Games in Las Vegas 
                  We will help you make the arrangements.
Thurs., June 14th Flag Day
Wed. June 20st First day of Summer
Sunday, June 17th Father’s Day My poem

Thursdays June 21st & 28th;  TJ Days - Thanksgivings in June; 3rd & 4th ones


Fri. June 29th – Wed. July 4th - Sun, July 8th: Ten Days & Nites All-Star Extravaganza & Mardi Festtm in Las Vegas – Raffle Drawing for the $36,000. painting at the end of All-Star Game; , Women's Dunk Contest, Talent Showcase, Celebrity Game, TJ's Las Vegas Games, Sports & Tournaments: both Saturdays & Sundays: Golf, Tennis, 3 & 5 Ks, Mon - Fri: Bowling, Poker, Darts, Rock, Paper, Scissors & more. 

Fri. June 29th _ Opening Ceremony Parade; 1, 3, 4 & 5pt., Horse & Dunk Contests, Concert,  Party
Sat. June 30th - 3k & 5k event, Parade & Rising Stars Game, Concert, Party
Sun. July 1st - 3k & 5k event, Parade & All-Star Game, Concert, Party
Mon. July 2nd - F.A.T.E. Sports Awards Banquet, Concert, Party
Tues, July 3rd,  Double Header games & Wheelchair Game @ 5 & 8pm;
Full Moon Madness; Wild West Costume Contest; Concert & Party
Wed, July 4th: Bikini Beach Party; Lake Las Vegas; Lakeside Pig Roast & Bar-B-Q; TJ's Jet Ski Boards, Boat Floats & Lighted Boats Parade; Fireworks.
                            End of All-Star Wknd? Naw!
Thurs. July 5th: Double Header games @ 5 & 8pmUnicycle Game, Hawaiian Costume Contest
Fri. July 6th - Talent Showcase w/Players & others; Plus Step Show; Concert,  Party
Sat. July 7th, 7/7Lucky Sevens; Casino Night; 3k & 5k event, Streetball & regular games @ 5 & 8pm; Mardi Fest Toga Party & Contest

Sun. July 8th - 3 & 5k event, Reg. & Globetrotters (??) games @ 5 & 8pm; Mardi Fest Zombie Costumes Contest, Concert & Party; BYE!
Sat. July 14th, Scary Saturday (yesterday was Friday the 13th) Halloween

Sun. July 15th, Scary SundayHalloween in July - costume contests

Tues. July 24th, Christmas Eve in July – my book

Tues. July 31st, New Year’s Eve in July

Sat. & Sun Aug. 4th & 5th, Mid-Summer Madness – costume contests

Thursdays Aug. 16th & 23rd, Hotter Than Hell Island Days: costume contests

 Sat. & Sun. Aug. 25 & 26th, Last Games

Lucky Game day Birth dates: $5. Off5/5, 7/7, 9/9; all others $1. Off
A good schedule is one of the main ingredients in a league's success.
That's why we made sure we got this right!

We have the best schedule of any league - ever!    

All of our fans from 6 to 96 know the schedule of every team
for the whole season - TTSS at 8: Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun @ 8pm.

And, Playoff games are Thurs - Tues. @ 8pm

Clubs and groups can easily plan when to attend games.
This makes it easier for the teams, arenas and the workers, too.
As well as the tv & radio broadcasters and sponsors.

At one point, the NBA Clippers played 8 out of 10 games on the road.
And the Bulls played 9 road games in a row!
We never do that!



September’s Perfect Storm

Bracketology Week: Sun. Aug. 25th – Thurs. Aug. 30th;

It's a totally new playoff format. There are 5 contests.

After the qualifying first round,
the 16 teams are The "Sweet Sixteen".

The top 8 teams will play in "The Best". It’s like the NCAA.

The winner will be crowned the "Best of the Best".

The 4 winning teams play to determine
first, second, third and fourth

The other 8 teams will play in "The Rest".
It’s like the NIT.
The winner will be crowned the "Best of the Rest".

These 4 winning teams also play to determine
first, second, third and fourth

Plus, we have two "Lucky Losers Last Chance Contests":

The 8 teams that lose in the first round,
get a second chance or a "Mulligan".

These 4 teams do the same thing.

The winners of the four contests
will play in a Tournament of Champions
called "The Super Games"!

Each round will be the best 2 out of 3.

The Ultimate Champion or Top Dog
must win 10 games out of 15 max.

That's 2 out of 3 a week for 5 weeks.

They determine first, second, third and fourth.

Every team plays 6-9 games during the first 3 weeks.

This will make the fans, players, coaches,
owners, sponsors & broadcasters very happy!

Only the 4 champs play weeks 4 & 5.

16-24 games a week during the first 3 weeks = 48 - 72 games.
4-6 games a week during the 4th and 5th weeks = 8 - 12 games.

Total: 56 - 84 games during 5-week playoffs.
The Perfect Storm!

Always Thurs - Tues at 8pm

8pm Wild Wednesdays - "On The Go with TJ's NBO Highlights Show"

There'll be triangles of ten bowling pins to keep track of each teams victories.

Thurs. Aug. 30st - Tues. Sept. 4rd; Labor Day Wknd Play-offs Spectacular

If there are more than 16 teams, then there’ll be another contest.
With 16 teams, there’ll be games 6 days a week.

    Eight teams will play on Thurs. Aug. 30th, then every other day. 
teams will play on Fri. Aug. 31st, then every other day. 
Two Lucky Losers Last Chance Contests – for all first round losers. They get a "Mulligan" or "Do Over" and start their own contests.                                                         *

The Elite Eight: Best 2 out of 3.

The Final Four will be the same!

The Champion, 2nd & 3rd Place won’t be determined
until Sat. Sept 29th or Sun. Sept. 30th

Always 5 contests!
That’s why it’s
September’s Perfect Storm

We will dominate Prime Time
 every night of the month!


Get ready for our weekly highlights show,
Trinidad Joe's
"On The Go with TJ's NBO!"
Fans can win prizes!
A lucky fan will win a pair of regular season game tickets and
others will win t-shirts, caps and other merchandise.
Get to know the teams, players, cheerleaders & mascots!
We'll have lots of stats and Fantasy teams!
I'll do the Opening and Closing segments.
 Announcers will run that week's clips and interviews.

We would like Kenny Smith's wife, Gwendolyn, who's a model on The Price is Right, to be one of them. She knows basketball, too.

We also want Shaq or Marcellus Wiley and
 Carolyn Peck or Jenna Stauffer from Ch. 19.
One or two teams will be featured each week.


Here's our Theme Song: TJ’s NBO Boogie
We Created a Theme Song and Dance that's a mixture of
the Electric Slide, the Cha-Cha and the Charleston
With a Caribbean Boogie-Woogie Salsa beat laid down by Caribe!

TJ’s NBO Boogie Band is led by the Funk Brothers;

Maybe, Island Alex leading the horn section

And Marty on Sax.

Flashy and energetic like Earth, Wind & Fire

Mixed with the Miami Sound Machine

And some steel band rhythms thrown in by One World!

Just like the dance numbers in "Westside Story" and "Grease".
We're inviting everyone to send us their versions!

Make it your Ringtone!

The Dance
Lots of lively movements with arms flying in the air,
 kicks and turns.
         Musical Intro: Pulsating rhythms, shouts, drums, horns, bells, big fun!
Not just a lot of guitars!
Dancers in colorful outfits.
It's a Carnival! A festival of sights and sounds!

Musical Intro





When TJ started this league,

They said it won’t fly,

But, it’s the Next Big Thing

Gonna be big as the sky!




Musical Interlude

It's in many cities
From coast to coast,
Fans have Big Fun
They like it the most!

CHORUS & Musical Interlude

The games are great,
The cheerleaders are cute,
The mascots are funny
And the players can shoot!


CHORUS & Musical Interlude


Fans watch it on tv,
Or they go to a game,
They wear funny costumes
And act insane!

CHORUS & Musical Interlude


We're going to Vegas,
Every year for sure,
For the All-Star Game
And so much more!


CHORUS & Musical Interlude


There'll be women dunking,
More than just a few,
And, there are Talent Shows
Golf, Tennis & Poker, too!


CHORUS & Musical Interlude


We'll have such fun
For 10 days and nights,
Plus many ball games
And lots of Vegas delights.

CHORUS & Musical Interlude


The F.A.T.E. Sports Awards
I'll never miss,
With stars from many sports
They all come for this.
CHORUS & Musical Interlude


So many celebrities
All in one place,
Is it a convention?
Or, did they start their own race?

CHORUS & Musical Interlude

Concerts and parties
Every night of the week,
I've lost my voice,
I can barely speak!

CHORUS & Musical Interlude

TJ's Mardi Fest
Is part of the show,
I'm in the Royal Court
I've got to go!


CHORUS & Musical Interlude
The Playoffs in Sept.
Is the "Perfect Storm"
It starts Labor Day Weekend
And goes all month long!


CHORUS & Musical Interlude

TJ's pretty cool
He's quite a guy,
We're glad he started this
And that's no lie!
CHORUS & Musical Interlude


The End?


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